Perico Bay Club
PBC Book Club
The Perico Bay Club Book Club usually holds a monthly meeting at 1PM on the second Friday of each month.
Each year we agree on an annual list of books to read and discuss. But of course, nothing is the same right now, and the coming months are filled with uncertainty. Like much of the world, we have started to hold our meetings online via Zoom and invite you to join us. Using a “month by month” approach we have scheduled our Zoom meetings through the month of November, 2020. Fingers crossed that we can hold our annual Christmas party in December at Perico Bay Clubhouse.
Also, due to the uncertainty of the times we just solidified the summer/fall book schedule for the months of August thru September. Meetings will remain on the 2nd Friday of each month at 1PM
If you are interested in reading the books and joining  our discussions please contact :
Glenda Kaufman Kantor
Please let us know of your interest, as soon as possible, so that you can be sent a link for the Zoom meeting!
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